long update..

i haven't updated in a while and i'm too lazy to cut.. so you get to read everything right on the top of the page.

my birthday was a few weeks ago.. or like.. actually almost 2 months ago.. i got vice city and a video card... fun.

i haven't spoken to one of my best friends in over 2 months.. i haven't seen her for a while, nor has she been on AIM, and i'm too lazy to pick up a phone. shows what good a friend i am. :/

a few weeks ago i started this summerschool crap to get rid of my pe and health credits. 3 weeks, mon. - thurs. i'm still aching, and i was bored off my ass.

next thursday is freshman prep day.. take pictures, get schedule, id, etc. etc. following monday is the first day of school.

i hate school.
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a few more YT logs

i haven't posted in a while.. so here's some YT logs:

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and if that weren't enough, here's some more:

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want more? well too bad.. i don't wanna look through a log that's over half a meg right now ;o
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IRC quotes! or actually just one...

* Justin is currently listening to: (Ace of Base - The Sign) ¤ Length: (3:12) ¤ BitRate: (128Kbps) ¤ Sample Rate: (44Khz)
[Justin] <3> 2.78
[Matt] listening to... 50 cent - wanksta (album version) length: 3:35 - bitrate: 192Kbps - sample rate: 44.1Khz
[Justin] lol.
[Matt] I typed all that in :x
[Justin] you and your gangsta homey thug nigga y0 muzaK. ;p
[Matt] rofl.
[Matt] that's good enough to put in my lj.

and then it ended up here.