Xander (galism) wrote,

[21:17:34] scott[FOOTBALL]> Mazda is buying back all the RX-8's sold if the owners want to sell them
[21:17:39] USSRMan> I ownly watch "Bowfinger" and "Down Periscope"
[21:17:39] USSRMan> What for
[21:17:41] USSRMan> cause they suck
[21:17:46] scott[FOOTBALL]> because they misadvertised the amount of power
[21:17:49] scott[FOOTBALL]> by over 5%
[21:17:59] Matt> They are such liars ;p
[21:18:28] USSRMan> Oh boy
[21:18:30] USSRMan> That matters.
[21:18:34] USSRMan> Drive a tractor
[21:18:38] USSRMan> THAT has power.
[21:18:51] scott[FOOTBALL]> some people like performance cars
[21:18:59] USSRMan> Ya
[21:19:02] Matt> Though they aren't street legal, at least last time I checked.
[21:19:04] USSRMan> but mazdas are moneypits
[21:19:05] Matt> Tractors, that is.
[21:19:15] USSRMan> Oh now here's mr, I'll correct you
[21:19:18] USSRMan> no wait
[21:19:20] USSRMan> he's
[21:19:26] USSRMan> mr I got owned by a video source
[21:19:33] USSRMan> i forgot
[21:20:00] Matt> and this is coming from a fascist, communist country.

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